Non-US Residents

As an Indian, you can form C- Corporation business entity in USA with Lexcorp, Inc. You will have to go through all the same steps as a resident, plus a few additional considerations. Begin by choosing the type of business entity that you want for your new business. Business entities are always formed under state law instead of federal law. Because each state makes its own laws, the specific rules and requirements are different from state to state. We offer services to ensure that the correct documentation is prepared and submitted for approval and the formation process might take approx 30 days to incorporate you in USA.



“As I was conducting research on setting up a US company from India, Lexcorp is the only company in India as per my knowledge that provided me with such a detailed response about my company formation in US with bank account without going to US. Thanks,”

M Mohsin - Director OasisSoftPro inc.

“They helped me decide what type of company I should form. My company was formed very quickly as they promised. I would definitely recommend Lexcorp Inc to those who want to form US companies, especially to Indians because they really help you.”

Deepak Kapoor - Deciphers